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Discovery class


God desires for you to know and worship him.


This four-session class seeks to clearly articulate what a relationship with God is all about as God reveals it through the his word, the Bible.  The class is for new believers, as well as veteran Christians who desire to be refreshed in the roots of faith and life in Christ.


Together we will discover...


  • The dilemma that our sinful condition creates in our relationship with God.

  • The vital revelation of what God has done to overcome sin through Christ.

  • The basic teaching about God, humanity, the world, heaven, salvation, law and gospel, and more.

  • The life lived in response to God's grace.

  • The ways God continues to deliver his grace and life to us in Christ within his community, the church.

  • Spiritual disciplines to keep connected with God daily.


An opportunity to join St. John will be offered through the class for those who desire to do so.  All are welcome to attend.


Interested or have more questions?  Please send us an email by clicking the button...or call the office at (503) 588-0171


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